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October 25-27th - Yogyakarta, Indonesia

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25-27 October

Celebrating the amazing diversity of Python ecosystem

We are delighted to extend our warmest greetings and invite you to our extraordinary event celebrating the power of Python to bring impact to society - the Python Conference Asia Pacific 2024 in the captivating and vibrant archipelago of Indonesia!

Join us in this extraordinary journey where history blends seamlessly with technology, and where the power of Python unites us to build a brighter future for all. We cannot wait to welcome you to Yogyakarta, Indonesia for PyCon APAC 2024.


Duta Wacana Building

Universitas Kristen Duta Wacana
Jl. Dr. Wahidin Sudirohusodo No.5-25
Kota Yogyakarta

About the host

Yogyakarta can be reached from Indonesia’s major flight hubs like Jakarta, Surabaya, and Denpasar, Bali. You can also travel by trains or buses from any major city in Java Island. Yogyakarta can also be reached from South East Asia hubs like Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.

Main airport for Yogyakarta is Yogyakarta International Airport. Secondary airports are Adisucipto Airport and Adisumarmo Airport in the neighboring city of Solo. All mentioned airports have train access to the city center, in Yogyakarta Railway Station. Once you reach the station, the venue is just 3 kilometers or 2 miles away. You can use bus, taxi, or ride hailing services like Gojek, Grab, or Maxim.

Why Indonesia

After six successful Python Conferences in Indonesia, with two of them being online events in pandemic years, Python Indonesia considers 2024 to be the best timing for hosting Python Conference APAC event. We will to host it in Yogyakarta, a college town and tourism center second only to Bali, close to major transportation hubs.

We chose (Em)Powered by Python as the theme for this year’s PyCon APAC to signify how technology isn’t just what is transferred in wires or what is seen on screens but also touches, and improves lives, real lives.

Why Yogyakarta

Located in the center of Java island, Yogyakarta is right in the middle between Jakarta and Bali. Two-hours flight away from Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. An elegant weave of history and culture, Yogyakarta presents itself as the perfect host for this conference, where tradition gracefully merges with technology innovation.

It’s a unique place where a thousand years old temple or medieval palaces isn’t far away from an engineering office of startups from Jakarta, Singapore or even Silicon Valley. Local startups aren’t to be undermined either. With many startups working on improving the lives of small businesses, farmers, or fishermen. Stories of people in rural areas improving their lives and their surrounding economy from remote working or online selling. It’s no coincidence that Bill Gates picked Yogyakarta for Gates Foundation’s medical research project. And Mark Zuckerberg visited to see how the digital economy really changes lives.

Why Now

Indonesia's rise in the global tech scene, fueled by a dynamic startup ecosystem, and driven by technology-led social-economic improvements, has been nothing short of remarkable. Embracing information technology like Python's versatility and efficiency, we've witnessed how this remarkable programming language has empowered countless developers, entrepreneurs, and visionaries in Indonesia to shape the future.

By choosing Yogyakarta as the gathering place for PyCon APAC, we aim to create an unforgettable experience where knowledge is shared, ideas are sparked, and lasting connections are forged. Together, we will explore the endless possibilities that Python offers and dive into how it continues to shape the world of technology, driving innovation and progress across all sectors.